Land Survey

cadastral and boundary 144x98Your More Complete Survey System

LAND-PAK offers all of the elements of a traditional RTK-based solution plus MORE.

NavCom for Land Survey Applications

From ground to sky, NavCom has your Land Survey needs covered. Even under the toughest environmental conditions, NavCom’s StarFire™/RTK receivers enable fast and precise GPS/GNSS data collection. Out in the field, our powerful suite of RTK tools, Ultra RTK and RTK Extend™ allows users to achieve RTK accuracy from a distance of 40 km while coasting through radio communication outages. Up in the air, NavCom’s StarFire Network provides global real-time accuracy of 5 centimeters without the need for local ground base stations. No matter what project, NavCom has a solution to support your applications needs.


Machine Control

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Precise Positioning for Gantry Crane Machine Control Applications

NavCom for Machine Control Applications

Automate your worksite. Precisely dig trenches or excavate. Level the toughest of grades. NavCom has your Machine Control needs covered with precise positioning and heading receivers that offer dual GNSS signals. They accurately measure cross slopes, positions and heading to provide the proper data for these complex, earthmoving applications. Combined with our powerful suite of RTK add-ins, RTK Extend™ & Ultra RTK, your worksite will go the distance, up to 40 km, even through radio communication outages. NavCom solutions for machine control applications will help increase productivity, lower costs and increase yields for your most demanding project.


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Our Precise Positioning Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Applications Needs

NavCom for OEM Applications

Customize a solution. Differentiate your product in the marketplace. Integrate signal & hardware from one provider. With its extensive line of high-performance GNSS receivers, satellite-based augmentation signals and robotic machine controls, NavCom has been helping companies deliver groundbreaking custom solutions since 1992. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and System Integrators can integrate NavCom’s precise positioning, GNSS products and services to set themselves apart from their competitors. NavCom also offers the StarFire Network™, a real-time global satellite-based augmentation system (GSBAS) that provides five centimeter positioning accuracy on a worldwide basis. StarFire can make even the largest tasks seem small, with the same high accuracy, dependability, and performance relied on by hundreds of thousands of GNSS receivers worldwide – NavCom has your needs covered.


Military & Government

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Integrate Your INS with StarFire™

See how StarFire can improve position accuracy for your inertial systems.

NavCom for Military & Government

Keep track of all your assets. Pinpoint exact locations. Deliver timely and accurate reconnaissance data. Automate supply lines and sentry duty. It’s all possible and practical with our reliable, real-time global network that has already proven its efficacy in extensive agriculture and construction applications. NavCom’s StarFire™ GNSS Correction Service improves operational positioning accuracy down to five centimeters – and it provides worldwide coverage with full redundancy and mission-critical up time. With no need for a base station, your military assets can roam freely while maintaining the most precise, unfettered positioning available. StarFire can make even the largest tasks seem small with the same high accuracy, dependability and performance relied on by hundreds of thousands of GNSS receivers deployed commercially worldwide.