DSC05574 ScanFly Ravenna S


SCANFLY: the payload Lidar not only for UAS!

Geozone is introducing SCANFLY, the new product by 3D TARGET, an Italian company active in the field of development and sale of measurement instruments. Geozone was granted exclusive distribution rights by 3D Target for DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

SCANFLY is the turnkey solution for 3D Lidar mapping that was specifically designed for UAS. SCANFLY is ultra-compact and light-weight and is the best cost-effective solution available on the market. The system can be installed on any vehicle (aerial, terrestrial, marine).

The optional panoramic camera allows the photographic documentation of the surroundings. The SCANFLY-Backpack option was introduced in 2017. The SLAM algorithms aid the integrated IMU (INS + GNNS) to achieve the best accuracy - even in case of a satellite outage. The point cloud is available in the most common formats or for SMART PROCESSING, 3DT proprietary software.

DSC05573 ScanFly Ravenna s DSC05574 ScanFly Ravenna S
LIDAR ScanFly before action, showing dual antenna RTK  LIDAR ScanFly before action, showing dual antenna RTK 
ScanFly dimensions ScanFly dimensions


The key word is EASY2USE: easy connection, easy configuration and easy usage. SCANFLY is clear, simple and unique. Switch it on and start measuring!

VALUE FOR INVESTMENT: the same device can be installed anywhere (aerial, terrestrial or marine vehicle).

ABSOLUTE GEOREFERENCING: the trajectory accuracy can be improved with RINEX data from an own base station or CORS networks.

READY2GO: flies with any UAV - the flight configuration weighs 1.5 kg. It only needs a 12 V power supply.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: multiple export formats are supported for all common software.


Basic system features:

Velodyne VLP-16 Lite Scanner

Accurate survey grade IMU (INS + GNNS)

Double antenna – double receiver RTK GPS / Glonass

Integrated board: control, data capture and synchronization

Software: Smart Processing Lidar for Lidar / GPS / IMU fusion

Carry case

Customized mounting interface

Options available:

5 mp global shutter camera

High-resolution panoramic camera



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