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The Wingcopter high speed hybrid drone


The Wingcopter is a hybrid drone with a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) feature. The core of this technology combines a multicopter for vertical take-off and landing with a fixed-wing aircraft for cruising and fast flying over long distances.

The VTOL feature of this UAV allows it to be deployed even in the most extreme terrains. In addition, the customer can choose from a wide range of sensors like high-end camera systems, thermographic / multispectral cameras or transportation boxes to be attached below the platform. Depending on the payload, the system has a range of up to 100 km.

The Wingcopter high speed hybrid drone combines the advantages of a copter with the benefits of a plane.



Wingcopter in action


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In hover mode the motors are placed in front of as well as behind the wings, whereas during forward flight the motors are located above and beneath the wings. This unique motor configuration provides maximum stabilization for the Wingcopter at every tilt angle, even during forward flight and allows to reach top speed, cover long distances and stay airborne for a long time. Wingcopter stand s

The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) / hybrid aerial system is equipped with a technology combining a multicopter for vertical take-off and landing and a fixed-wing aircraft for cruising and fast flying over long distances. With the new invented tilt-rotor mechanism there is no transition gap between quadrocopter mode and wing mode.

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The unique Wingcopter is suitable for private use as well as for freelancers, companies, organisations and governmental institutions, working professionally in the fields of crisis management, enviromental protection, inspections, geographical research, geomatics, security and monitoring. It also serves the film+TV industry and logistical and delivery services.



  • TOP SPEED: 130 KM/H
  • MAX. RANGE: 100 KM
  • WINGSPAN: 178 CM


Range of application

  • crisis Management
  • Environmental Protection


The perfect platform...

  • The perfect platform for all services and goods below 3kg like a 4k cinema camera or transportation box




IMG 6888 s IMG 6891 s IMG 6896 s Bildschirmfoto 2016 09 18 um 15.02.14
Wingcopter is almost ready to fly Wingcopter starts to fly as a "normal" wingcopter Then after reaching certain height... .... it starts to fly as a FixWing drone or airplane
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Wingcopter is landing smoothly      



Some ideas about the possible payload:

Overview Wingcopter 2



Please look at or download the Wingcopter Brochure from here:Prospekt front


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