Touchstone ASIC

touchstone asic 764x302

The Touchstone™ASIC is the centerpiece of all NavCom receivers. This highly integrated and sophisticated Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) handles the satellite tracking functions and performs the complex signal processing needed to decode the GPS signals multiple times each second.

NavCom’s GPS products are powered by the Touchstone™ASIC family and include a number of industry-leading innovations:

  • First dual-frequency handheld land survey receiver (1996)
  • First dual-frequency receiver for precision agriculture capable of using StarFire satellite-based augmentation (1998)
  • First FAA WAAS qualified receiver (2002)
  • First StarFire™ GPS receiver for precision agriculture with terrain compensation (2004)
  • First receiver that combines RTK and global SBAS capabilities for optimum positioning performance (2005)

In the last decade, NavCom’s world-class engineering team designed an entire family of Touchstone™ASICs with ever increasing features and capabilities to power the GNSS products of today and tomorrow.