Integrated SET

integrated set 764x302

The Earth's crust flexes during the day with solar and lunar gravity-induced tides. This results in a distance variance of the earth's surface to its center by as much as 40cm. NavCom corrects for these variations by employing real-time Integrated SET (Solid Earth Tides) corrections in our StarFire™ positioning algorithm.

Benefiting both land and sea applications, Integrated SET allows our GPS to automatically adjust for the effects of solid earth tides in both horizontal and vertical dimensions throughout the lunar cycle, which makes it the most accurate position solution available. The Integrated SET feature is based on the highly accepted Sinko Solid Earth Tide model that was adapted by NavCom to run in real time.

The integrated SET comes standard in all NavCom StarFire GPS receivers that operate software version 3.0.0 or higher.