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NavCom’s Augementation Services provide key product add-ons to improve accuracy and performance in both GNSS and RTK applications.

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NavCom’ StarFire Network is a global satellite-based augmentation system (GSBAS) that provides five centimeter positioning accuracy on a worldwide basis, completely independent of geographical boundaries, allowing users to roam freely while maintaining the most precise positioning information.

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Ultra RTK

NavCom’s Ultra RTK increases your range by allowing users to achieve RTK accuracy (0.5cm +1ppm) at up to 40km from the base station. Developed by NavCom, the RTK/UltraRTK algorithm provides fast initialization and the NCT ultra compact binary data format for RTK/UltraRTK ensures robust data throughput.

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RTK Extend

Traditionally, when an RTK rover loses communication with the base station, it is unable to provide position updates for more than a few seconds, resulting in user down time and reduced productivity. With the revolution of RTK Extend™, centimeter-accurate positioning is maintained for up to 15 minutes during communication loss. RTK Extend™ allows users to work without costly interruptions and frees them to concentrate on the work instead of the tools.

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