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Integrate your INS with StarFire™

See how StarFire can improve position accuracy for your inertial systems.

NavCom for Military & Government

Keep track of all your assets. Pinpoint exact locations. Deliver timely and accurate reconnaissance data. Automate supply lines and sentry duty. It’s all possible, and practical, with our reliable, real-time global network that’s already been proven in extensive agriculture and construction applications. NavCom’s StarFire™ GNSS Correction Service improves operational positioning accuracy down to five centimeters – and it provides worldwide coverage, with full redundancy and mission critical uptime. With no need for a base station, your military assets roam freely while maintaining the most precise, unfettered positioning available. StarFire can make even the largest tasks seem small, with the same high-accuracy, dependability, and performance relied on by hundreds of thousands of GNSS receivers deployed commercially worldwide.

mine ied detection 144x98Mine & IED Detection

Accurately mark and tag mines & IED’s in the field.

Mine & IED Detection


unmanned vehicles 144x98Unmanned Vehicles

Automate your vehicles with NavCom’s precise positioning solutions.

Unmanned Vehicles