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Precise Positioning for Gantry Crane Machine Control Applications

NavCom for Machine Control Applications

Automate your worksite. Precisely dig trenches or excavate. Level the toughest of grades. NavCom has your Machine Control needs covered with precise positioning and heading receivers that offer dual GNSS signals for accurately measuring cross slope, position and heading to provide the proper data for these complex, earthmoving applications. Combined with our powerful suite of RTK add-ins, RTK Extend™& Ultra RTK, your worksite will go the distance, up to 40 km, even through radio communication outages. NavCom solutions for machine control applications will help improve productivity, lower costs and increase yields for your most demanding projects.

coordinated machines 144x98Coordinated Machines

Leverage machine-to-machine communication to improve productivity.

Coordinated Machines

excavator control 144x98Excavator Control

Accurately position your bucket with excavator control assistance.

Excavator Control

grade control 144x98Grade Control

Control your cutting edge and blade placement with RTK assistance.

Grade Control