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Your More Complete Survey System

LAND-PAK offers all of the elements of a traditional RTK-based solution plus MORE


NavCom for Land Survey Applications

From ground to sky, NavCom has your Land Survey needs covered. Even under the toughest environmental conditions, NavCom’s StarFire™/RTK receivers enable fast and precise GPS/GNSS data collection. Out in the field, our powerful suite of RTK tools, Ultra RTK and RTK Extend™ allow users to achieve RTK accuracy from 40 km away while coasting through radio communication outages. Up in the air, NavCom’s StarFire Network provides global 5cm-level and real-time accuracy without the need for local ground-base stations. No matter what project, NavCom has a solution to support your applications needs.

aerial 144x98Aerial

Collect survey information from the air by using aerial photography, LiDAR, or from remote sensing imagery.

► Aerial


cadastral and boundary 144x98Cadastral & Boundary

Stake a point, mark out your property’s boundaries, or create a topographic map with NavCom’s solutions for Cadastral & Boundary Surveys.

Cadastral & Boundary

construction 144x98Construction

Improve efficiency on your worksite with the precise placement of reference points and markers to lay the foundations for a great build.


cors 144x98CORS

Create a semi-permanent or permanent reference station to improve your productivity.


gis 144x98GIS

Map landmarks and other geographical data for your geographic information system (GIS).