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With an extensive line of high-performance GNSS receivers, data communications systems and robotic machine controls, NavCom Technology has been delivering groundbreaking engineering and custom solutions for its customers since 1992.

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Augmentation Services

NavCom offers the StarFire™, RTK Extend™ and Ultra RTK solutions to improve precise positioning accuracy, performance and range.

Learn more about how augmentation can improve your performance.


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Integrated Solid Earth Tide (SET)

SET fluctuations can offset distance variances from the earth’s core. NavCom corrects for these variations by employing real-time Integrated SET corrections to our StarFire positioning algorithm.

Learn more about how Integrated SET can improve real-time results.

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Touchstone™ ASIC

The centerpiece of all NavCom GNSS receivers is the highly integrated and sophisticated Touchstone ASIC.

Learn more about what powers NavCom’s GNSS receivers.


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Multiple sources of correction data, including StarFire corrections, can be input into a NavCom receiver at the same time. SureNav ensures that the output navigation position is the best available.

Learn more about how SureNav improves positioning performance.