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Geozone is introducing SCANFLY, the new product by 3D TARGET, an Italian company active in the field of development and sale of measurement instruments. Geozone AG has been granted exclusivity for DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) by 3D TARGET.

SCANFLY is the turnkey solution for 3D lidar mapping, specifically designed for UAS. Due to its ultra-compact and low weight design, it is the best cost-effective solution available on the market. It can be installed on any vehicle (aerial, terrestrial, marine).

The optional panoramic camera allows the photographic documentation of the surroundings. The SCANFLY Backpack option was launched in early 2017. The SLAM algorithms aid the integrated IMU (INS+GNNS) to achieve the best accuracy - even with satellite outage. The point cloud is available in the most common formats or for SMART PROCESSING in 3DT proprietary software.

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 LIDAR ScanFly before action, integrated in Wingcopter LIDAR ScanFly before action, from below
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LIDAR ScanFly before action, showing Dual antenna RTK  LIDAR ScanFly before action, showing Dual antenna RTK integrated in the wings (not visible)
DSC05573 ScanFly Ravenna s DSC05574 ScanFly Ravenna S
LIDAR ScanFly before action, showing Dual antenna RTK  LIDAR ScanFly before action, showing Dual antenna RTK 
ScanFly dimensions ScanFly dimensions
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FLYING: Scanfly can be easily installed on most available UAS
on the market due to its compact shape and low weight.
Thanks to the adjustable tilt angle, Scanfly can be used
for surveying flat terrains, almost vertical surfaces
as well as any other environment.
With the dual return, the foliage can be easily distinguished
from the ground. The double GNSS antenna allows a static initialization with no need to perform complicated maneuvers to achieve the best performances of the sensors. Multi-spectral or hyper-spectral cameras can complete
the data collected in agro-forestry or precision-farming applications.

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BACKPACK: There are no limits to the environments to survey
while wearing Scanfly. Indoors or underground,
the SLAM plugin compensates the GNSS outage to obtain
a complete and accurate mapping.
The data can be instantly acquired with
the panoramic 360° camera, and the images
can be displayed at any time. The wearable system
is suitable to survey harsh environmental conditions.

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ON BOARD: Scanfly can be mounted on any vehicle:
on motor vehicles for road cadaster
or 3D reconstructions, on boats for coast or riverbed surveys,
on quad to survey barely accessible paths.
The revolutionary 98mpixel panoramic 360° camera (optional) adds a wider view and greater resolution:
it is the ideal solution for those who have to colorize
the point cloud and automatically extract features
with 3DT Smart Processing software.

3DT Smart Processing is the software developed by 3D Target to process data from mobile mapping

systems with automatic functions of features extraction. For further details, please visit www.smartprocessing.it.



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The Payload Lidar Not Only for UAS

Scanfly is the most compact, lightweight, versatile payload Lidar available on the market. Designed in every detail to allow an easy access, even for non-expert users, it is ready to go in only 5 minutes. Multi-platform, the installation is possible on any vehicle, and it can be configured in the best possible setup according to the peculiarity of the landscape to survey. The SLAM algorithms aid to achieve the best accuracy - even with satellite outage.

This easy-to-use idea has also been implemented in postprocessing: no more need of RTK connection on site or additional third-party dedicated software,
but only a few clicks in the application to generate the point cloud. Each detail is designed to ensure the highest accuracy. The multi-sensor interface enables the integration of different systems to shoot images in the NIR as multispectral and hyper spectral ones, aligning them to the geometric data.

The keyword is EASY2USE: easy connection, easy configuration and easy usage. SCANFLY is clear, simple and unique. Switch it on and start measuring!

VALUE FOR INVESTMENT: the same device can be installed anywhere: on aerial, terrestrial or marine vehicles.

ABSOLUTE GEOREFERENCING: the trajectory accuracy can be improved with RINEX data from an own base station or CORS networks.

READY2GO: flighs with any UAV - the flight configuration weighs 1.5 kg. It just needs a 12V power supply.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: multiple export formats are supported for the most common software programs.



Bildschirmfoto 2016 11 20 um 11.26.31Features


Basic system features:

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Velodyne VLP-16 Lite Scanner

Bildschirmfoto 2016 11 20 um 11.33.38


Accurate survey-grade IMU (INS+GNNS)

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Double antenna – double receiver RTK GPS / Glonass

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Integrated board: control, data capture and synchronization

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Software: Smart Processing Lidar for Lidar / GPS / IMU fusion

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Carry case

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Customized mounting interface, easy installation on any vehicle

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Options: 5 mp global shutter camera, panoramic 360° imager, multisensor integration interface



Bildschirmfoto 2016 11 20 um 11.26.31 Specifications


Laser scanner:
Channels: 16
Range: 100 m
Points/sec: 300.000
Rotation rate: 5-20 Hz
Single and dual returns ground resolution: 300 points/m



Double receiver

Double antenna

RTK 226 channels with dual frequency
L1/L2 GPS / Glonass

Accuracy: < 2 cm



Rate: 100 – 250 Hz

Accuracy: Roll/Pitch/Heading 0.05


Point Cloud Accuracy: < 10 cm at 25 m altitude


Scanner orientation:
user-adjustable between 0° and -90°


Storage: 16 GB


Weight: < 1.5 kg


Dimensions: 224 x 128 x 110 mm


External 10-18 VDC

Consumption 33 W



Wi-Fi configuration USB data transfer 



Software: 3DT Smart Processing Lidar to elaborate the GNSS/IMU trajectory and export the point cloud. 13 






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Please download the catalogue here:

ScanFly Eng